I am a wife, a mother, a sister, and a daughter. Eben is my beautiful, adventurous, amazing little 7-year-old boy who brings so much joy to my heart. His name means Rock [of] God’s love and we feel so blessed to have him in our lives.

I am also the mommy of five little babies who never got to see the light of day on this side of heaven. Within a year and a half, we experienced two miscarriages, the stillbirth of our daughter and the stillbirths of twin boys. And after waiting three years after our losses, we recently welcomed our sweet baby girl Zoey!

These losses quickly reshaped and reinvigorated the vision for my life and my family’s future. I decided to do what I love and help bring joy and beauty to others through what I do. Thus, Ravensnap was born. Twice a year during the months of May and November, we donate 10% of every purchase made at to One Simple Wish to help fulfill the wishes of children in foster care around the United States. It’s not a sales gimmick. It’s who we are and what we are passionate about.

It’s our mission to not only bring a smile to your face with our beautiful accessories, but also to these children who have experienced a life’s worth of pain, heartache, and uncertainty. These simple wishes granted might be the ability to take music lessons which allows a creative outlet of expression, attend a camp, pick out a new set of their very own clothes, or even just a backpack filled with school supplies when they head off to school. Whatever their wish is, with your help, we can grant it.

We hope you join us on our journey to make a difference in these precious young lives. Tell a friend. Spread the word. Live Beautiful. Give Beautiful.

Thank you for joining us!



Ravensnap has partnered with One Simple Wish to provide one simple gift at a time to foster children. 10% of purchases made at during the months of May (Foster Care Awareness) and November (Adoption Awareness) goes directly towards fulfilling these wishes. It's simple. Check out our SIMPLE WISHES GRANTED page to see firsthand the impact that you have on these sweet kiddos!


One Simple Wish is an innovative nonprofit that uses technology to bring awareness to the foster care system and brighten the lives of thousands of kids each year by connecting them to caring adults! Last year One Simple Wish has granted simple yet meaningful wishes to over 20,000 children all over the US, spreading love, hope and joy to deserving children in need. Every Voice Heard. Every Child Loved.